Through the cooperation of various restoration disciplines and trades, we are able to work on objects of different subject areas and materiality, as well as to offer the customer a “turnkey” restoration, from planning to logistics and transport. In addition to the work on the object, the tasks of the company also include the scientific examination, the development of concepts and the coordination of larger restoration measures, as well as advice and support in all matters concerning the preservation of cultural heritage.

Conservation / restoration of industrial heritage

Museum and operational reconditioning of objects of different materiality: Vehicles on land, water and in the air, railway vehicles, machinery inventory, steam and electrical engineering, object transport, dry ice blasting work

Conservation / restoration of modern art

Cross-material restoration of outdoor sculptures and large sculptures, kinetic art, recording and repair of exhibition and transport damage, translocation, foundation planning, statics, artist consultation (materials science, production technology and statics), graffiti removal, protection from graffiti.

Conservation / restoration of historical monuments

Classical and industrial building preservation, certified execution of riveting work, reconditioning of building-related metal inventory, restoration, and repair of cast iron objects, statics strengthening, cross section examination of coating history for building preservation.

Conservation / restoration of craftwork

Restoration of objects made of metal, precious metal, plastic and compound materials

3D reconstruction, scanning services

Recording of outdoor sculpture for data backup, 3D modelling, 3D-printing, model making as a template for casting, galvanoplasty.
Model making as a template for casting, electroforming

Object handling, exhibition setup and dismantling

Transport, object disassembly and reassembly, manufacturing of presentation aids, Object maintenance in exhibitions, artist guidance during exhibition installation.
object maintenance in the exhibition, artist support during exhibition set-up

Depot organisation

Recording, inventorisation, clearance work, climate and pest monitoring, transports, collection clearance
Transports, collection cleanup

Organisation of loan traffic

Courier services, object transport, documentation, guidance during the loan period

Pollutant management of cultural artefacts

Development of reconstruction concepts, asbestos remediation according to TRGS519, mildew remediation and removal, pollutant detection, treatment of objects with lead-containing coating materials.

Conservation and restoration of industrial heritage

Gueterwagen, Holocausauststellung, Musealia Exhibitions & Museums
Ruthmeyer, Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin

Conservation and restoration of modern art

Livesaverbrunnen, Niki de Saint Phalle, Stadt Duisburg
Stuhl Magdalena Jetelova, Stadt Pulheim

Conservation and restoration of historical monuments:

Abheben des Turmhelm Hauptkirche Rheydt
Sonnenschutzgitter, Arne Jacobsen, Rathaus Mainz

Conservation and restoration of craftwork:

Reinigung und Ergänzung an einer Ikone
Restaurierung eines Lüster, Schloß Bodelschwing

3D reconstruction, scanning services:

Präventivscan einer Skulptur von Fritz Klimsch
Rekonstruktion eines Türbeschlag aus 3-D Scan

Handling of objects, exhibition installation and dismantling:

Aufbau Skulptur Ernst Hermanns, Art Cologne
Einbringung Jungfraubahn-Triebwagen 1. OG Alpenzentrum

Depot organisation:

Depotorganisation Ruhrmuseum Essen
Inventariisierung, Depotorganisation Stadtmuseum Siegen

Organisation of loan traffic:

Fernleihe Militäzugbegleitwagen, Dorasan Südkorea
Leihverkehr Brennkammer KZ-Gedenkstätte Mittelbau Dora

Pollutant management of cultural artefacts:

Schimmelsanierung Depot Freilichmuseum Hagen
Asbestsanierung Villa Hügel, Essen